Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are 60 minutes total. Students receive a 30 minute private lesson and a 30 minute independent piano lab. There are 35 lessons total through September - June. Three of those lessons are a 90 minute group lesson where students play games, perform for each other and complete fun challenges. Tuition is $105 per month.

An innovative curriculum makes learning piano fun!


  • Students create and express through improvisation

  • Games and activities enhance reading, listening and theory skills

  • Technology enhances piano lessons

  • Lessons are tailored to each student’s interests


Students explore independently the centers set up in the studio. Activities reinforce the concepts learned in the private lesson. Some of the centers include:

  • Students experiment with melodic and rhythmic patterns in the Pattern Play Center

  • Students learn music history through the Composer Time Travel Center

  • iPad Games that reinforce notereading, rhythm and listening skills

  • Students read, listen and respond to all styles of music from Bach to Gershwin to Lady Gaga!

  • Our Giant Staff Center where students build a giant staff out of straws


Keeping students motivated to practice!

Students progress when they have a regular piano practice schedule. Keeping students motivated is what makes me different as a teacher!

  • Success motivates! Lessons and assignments are taught the way your child learns, whether its moving, listening, watching or a combination of all three

  • Students borrow games and practice ideas from our Game Library

  • Three times a year, their regular lesson is replaced with a Group Lesson. This 90 minute lesson is filled with games, improvisation and performing

  • There are several practice challenges and contests throughout the year. Student’s favorites are March Madness, Nightmare Week and our Jingle Jam Pizza Party!

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